Video interviews with striking #N30 workers

I was up at the very crack of dawn this morning to speak to a cross-section of workers on picket lines across the borough of Islington in north London. My joy at seeing the inspiring sight of hundreds of workers and supporters coming together to defend services that really matter to the very poorest and most down-trodden in society was only matched by the anger that came easily to people’s lips when speaking of the government’s callous disregard for human suffering.

There is no way I could express the justifiable fury that people feel at being treated like dirt any better than they can, so I’ll clear the way for them to do the talking:












Feel free to link/embed these videos from wherever you like. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard the voices of the people at the bottom doing the actual fighting, instead of pronouncements from trade union bureaucrats or self-serving politicians.


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