Tropico 4 review on Citizen Game

Read me pontificating on the latest update to the venerable banana republic simulator over at Citizen Game.

Tropico started with a serious advantage for a game series — a concept which cherry-picked the best of the genre competition, while showering enough innovative pixie dust over the accumulated wisdom to seem fresh and tasty, rather than re-heated.

The basic setup goes thusly. Remember playing Sim City and getting frustrated with your greedy little mini-citizens, eternally ungrateful for the gifts you shower on them and constantly demanding more? Well, what if you could play as a mercurial island dictator, able to bribe your people with free healthcare and elaborate entertainments, or crush dissent with brutal force and repression. In other words, wouldn’t it be fun to be the bad guy for once?

It really isn’t a bad game at all. It’s just a shame that a series once lauded for its original thinking has failed to move forward, remaining essentially the same for almost a decade. Read on Macduff, and absorb my pearls of wisdom.


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