Bastion heading to PC August 16th

Indie action RPG Bastion is a serious highlight of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion on Xbox 360, and is now confirmed as heading to PC through download platform Steam on August 16th.


The game features a classic isometric perspective, excellent narration and storytelling and an art style which recalls classic SNES RPGs like Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger. While the simple smash and grab gameplay might not set the world on fire, a well thought out range of enemies and impressive arsenal of weaponry keep interest alive longer than might be expected in a downloadable title.

In my short time with the game, I’ve found it to be a warm and inviting return to the comforting clichés of pre-3D action adventures, with less focus on puzzles and more solid hack-n-slash combat than genre touchstones such as Legend of Zelda. Also of note is the soundtrack, a wonderfully exciting piece of epic composition now available to buy separately from developers Supergiant.

At just less than a month of waiting, this timed exclusive has taken less time to grace the One True Gaming Device To Rule Them All than many seemingly simple ports. If you just can’t contain yourself any longer, you can pre-order now from Steam for the princely sum of £11.49.

According to Supergiant, PC owners can look forward to these improvements to the version available on Xbox Live:

  • Gorgeous 1080p Resolution
    Experience the lush world of Bastion in stunning detail.
  • Custom-Tailored PC Controls
    Fully redesigned, remappable controls created for PC – plus gamepad support.
  • DRM-free
    When you buy something it should be yours.
  • Steamworks Enabled
    Cloud saves, Leaderboards and Steam achievements.

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