Matt Damon defends teachers

Matt Damon, all is forgiven.

Okay, so Hereafter and Invictus have been notable low points in your recent career, but you certainly came through with the goods in True Grit, and your political views are beyond reproach.

In response to a particularly leading question from a woman who appears to be somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan on the political spectrum, Damon mounts a cogent and convincing defence of the public worth of teachers.

I will pay to go and see your next movie several times, even if it is Contagion, and I solemnly promise not to repeat that line from Team America ever again. Well, certainly not where anyone can hear me.

As a side note, it’s instructive to visit the website. Gives you an insight into the lunacy infecting the radical fringe of US politics.

Thanks to Pharyngula for the tip.


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