The Secret World gets a little less mysterious in new video, screenshots

Developer Funcom’s new project is a rarity amongst the current crop of MMORPGs — a game set in the present day, where exploration and investigation will play as important a role as combat and questing.

The Secret World

According to Funcom, players will be plunged in a world very much like our own, becoming a member of a secret society dedicated to keeping knowledge of the terrifying supernatural creatures that plague the darker corners of the earth from an unsuspecting public.

The developer is keen to avoid the repetitive round of level grinding associated with most MMO gameplay, and points to the fact that there will be neither level nor classes in the game. Instead, players will have access to a selection of skills and powers chosen from a long list with which to customise their character, as well as adding items such as clothing and weaponry to generate the all-important loot envy.

The most exciting part of the project so far is the dark and foreboding cast it gives to familiar scenes and geography. Following in the footsteps of masters of horror such as HP Lovecraft and Stephen King, Funcom have grasped that the worst fear comes when comforting normality is turned upside down to reveal the appalling reality lurking just beneath. This teaser trailer illustrates just the effect the team are going for:

Excited, yet? You should be. As the developer says:

Remember all those legends and myths you heard when you were a kid, or the conspiracies that you’ve been fed in countless blog entries and forum posts?

They’re all true.

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