Deus Ex: Human Revolution build leaked, Square Enix sues

Square Enix has confirmed that a preview build of the hotly anticipated new installment in the Deus Ex franchise, Human Revolution, has been leaked to peer-to-peer filesharing networks.

Deus Ex Human Stabbing

Deus Ex Human Stabbing

According to video game legal blog Patent Arcade, Squeenix has filed suit in a US court against unknown individuals who infiltrated a protected press event hosting the software, illicitly downloaded it and distributed copies to unnamed third parties.

According to the complaint, the nefarious group used a legitimate login belonging to a journalist from Italian gaming title GMC to gain access. This was apparently done without the knowledge or permission of the journalist involved, and the intrusion attempt was made from an IP address unconnected to GMC.

Copies of the build rapidly became available on multiple filesharing networks, and at this point the leak appears to be uncontainable. The software is however a restricted and incomplete version of the final game, which may put potential pirates off from downloading it.

Square is seeking statutory damages of in the region of $5000, and a permanent injunction against the defendants to prevent them from copying or distributing the work. Without further details on the group who pulled off the audacious attack, it may prove impossible to bring a case to trial.


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