Civ World launches on the good ship Facebook

2K and Firaxis have launched an open beta of the Facebook version of Sid Meier’s classic Civilization franchise – Civ World.

Civ World

Is that a Pyramid, or are you just pleased to see me?

Capitalising on the current trend for major games publishers to establish a presence on the world’s largest social network, 2K have opened up a beta version of Civ World for testing. While the game continues the classic tradition of building a mighty civilisation from humble beginnings, the interface is substantially simplified from the PC and console versions.

Each player starts with a single city to manage on a micro-scale, rather than initially focusing on the task of world domination. Combat is represented by a card game, with the player choosing cards representing units from their hand for each battle. Other player’s cities exist in the same persistent world as your own, and can become either allies or enemies as the game progresses.

As is the norm in Facebook gaming, players can pay real currency for an advantage in the game. Buying CivBucks means a player can harvest resources and expand more quickly, gaining a competitive boost over those who choose not to pay.

According to Sid Meier, creator of the franchise:

We want players to have both a final goal to work towards, as well as short-term objectives to achieve as they play. The trophies you unlock with your triumphs will carry over from game to game, and you can show them off in your throne room.

Some beta testers complained of being unable to access the game earlier today, and reports of lag and disconnections continue to dog the game’s Facebook page.


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