The tragedy of Oscar: Inception wuz robbed

I’m with Kermode on this one. Christopher Nolan not being nominated for Best Director in a year in which he made Inception proves what a sham the Academy voting process really is.

Think what you may about the film itself, there can be no denying that of the major Hollywood movies that are in any way capable of winning an Oscar, it is the most highly directed. Not only does it have narrative complexity shooting out of its eyeballs, it also boasts nuanced performances, massive bloated action sequences and a series of intentionally wrenching jumps in style and content.



Tom Hooper, you do not deserve that accolade. Not this year, not for the film that you made. I’m not claiming that The King’s Speech is an awful film, although I do have my political and historical issues with it (in which I find myself in agreement with Christopher Hitchens, yuck). It just does not deserve that particular award, being a piece firmly rooted in the performances of the leads, who richly deserve the approbation of their peers.

Still, at least it beats the usual Oscar fodder. And no Academy Awards has ever again touched the height of farce reached by the 1992 ceremony naming Marisa Tomei Best Actress for My Cousin Vinny. Stupendous.


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