Charlie don’t cast surfing spells: Magicka goes to Vietnam

Arrowhead Studios seem to be keeping up their hyper-manic coding pace, releasing bug fixes for their enjoyable and slightly broken top down co-op magic blaster. The steady stream of patches is pleasing in an aesthetic way, like a well-directed urination against a wall, perhaps spelling out your name in cursive lettering. Also, the first set of DLC is set in a fantasy Vietnam.

Check out the nod to Call of Battle 2: Naughty Men or whatever it’s called:



Magicka: Vietnam has a lovely poster

Magicka: Vietnam has a lovely poster



According to the press release, the expansion asks searching philosophical questions like “what it would have been like if wizards were allowed to roam the jungles of war-torn Vietnam, attempting to bring peace and stability to the region by casting spells on all opponents?” There would probably have been more unintentional hilarity, less helicopters and about even in terms of flame throwing.

Check out the trailer, which appears to have gone for the interesting tactic of looping the same few seconds of gameplay over and over again, while pretending that it doesn’t all look suspiciously similar to the vanilla Magicka:



I liked the game a good deal, once it got its initial problems sorted out. It reminds me of old-fashioned social gaming (no, nothing to do with Facebook), the kind where you sit in the same room as some friends and play a game of Worms, until someone gets annoyed at being picked on and goes home in a huff. The potential for unscripted interactions leads to some hilarious emergent gameplay possibilities, as well as uber-griefing by exploding and resurrecting a team-mate multiple times.

This series of videos should give you some idea of what I’m on about:



P.S. Including an update to a buggy game which includes ‘Crash to Desktop’ as an in-game power makes Arrowhead alright in my book. Bam! Blue screen in your face!


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