Anti-cuts protest in Islington, February 5

Islington Hands Off Our Public Services (or IHOOPS as we mostly like to be called) has called a demonstration on the 5th of February against the draconian cuts that are set to rip through public services in our local borough.

Islington stands to lose £335 million, with each home losing £4000 per year in vital services. Services for the elderly, teachers, youth workers, NHS, mental health, post, fire, council, transport, parks, leisure, libraries, voluntary sector and welfare payments are all destined for the chop!

IHOOPS believes it is not necessary to make these cuts.

  • Stop cuts to public services and privatisation;
  • Create jobs to boost the economy and cut the deficit;
  • Invest in housing, education, health, renewable energy, transport, etc;
  • Crack down on the £120 billion tax gap of evaded, avoided and uncollected tax;
  • Free up billions by not renewing Trident;
  • End costly consultants, contracting out and PFI.

Everyone involved in the fight for public services, against the ConDem government, for student rights and for the welfare and dignity of the working class should be there. If you are a trade unionists or activist in Islington, and I don’t see you on the demo, expect a phone call demanding an explanation.

We didn’t cause this crisis, and no damn Tory is going to make us pay for it!


Demo assembles at Holloway Nag’s Head
Saturday 5th February
12.00 PM
March to Upper Street, Angel


Leaflet for further information: IHOOPS Demonstration 5 February, as well as IHOOPS on Facebook.


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