Seriously, WTF: Wishmaster Misheard Odysseus’ Idealist Alchemical Revolution

Okay, this is a bizarre one. Some insane genius has mashed up a hallucinogenic mix of politics, comic books, history and star trek references and set the entire intellectual feast to a soundtrack of rubbish euro-metal.

It really has to be seen to be believed:

And here’s a little something extra bizarre, for all the fans of early nineties Internet memes and French philosophers. And if you self-select as one of that élite group, I can only salute you, and hope I never meet you on a dark night.

Kudos and link love goes to Verso Books on Twitter for the spot. Buy something off them, make me happy. May I suggest the excellent People’s History of the World by Chris Harman, the towering Marxist intellect and activist who sadly passed away this time last year.


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