Kieron Gillen, we hardly knew ye…

Kieron Gillen

Image courtesy of the man himself.

Just a short one, this.

Kieron Gillen, one of the greatest games writers and critics this country has ever produced, has chosen today to leave professional games journalism forever. While this does deprive us of some great criticism, and a few laughs, the good news is that Kieron is quitting to spend more time on his other line, writing for comics.

What Kieron brought to the field, as well as his charm and flair for language, was the firm belief that games are worth criticising, because they mean enough to think about, obsess over and fight endless fan-boy arguments over. In short, that they are as much an art form as any other. Not to open the most boring argument in games for the millionth time, but go away and read the seminal New Games Journalism manifesto, and tell me games don’t deserve to be judged by the same standards as movies (I’m talking to you, Ebert).

Read his final post on the excellent Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and those of you who work in games journalism might want to look here for some sage advice.

Now, what we need is for another champion to arise and fight the great Culture War. Go to it, minions!


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